Friday, October 19, 2007

"Girls Just Wanna Have Farm:
On accepting invitations from strangers, and a harvest festival" By Roz Cummins
18 Oct 2007 on
Roz Cummins is a food writer who has worked in every possible permutation of food co-op, natural foods store, and granola-type restaurant. She lives in the greater Boston area and feels it is her mission to put the "eco" back in home economy.

Here is an excerpt: from Roz Cummins' report on attending the Beautiful Bountiful Berkshires Harvest Dinner:
"It was fun to witness a community having a chance to see itself -- many of the people who make up the food scene in the area were there. Usually they are all off working in their own domains -- farms, markets, or kitchens -- and it's nice for them to have a chance to bask in their own reflection, even if it's only once a year.In the far corner, I noticed a striking young woman wearing a vibrant sundress and dangly earrings. She looked like all the fashion-and-beauty editors I've seen swanning around the Condé Nast building on the occasions that I have been there, except ... except that she clearly had strong arms and the kind of tan that comes from working outdoors. She was Laura Meister, the farm girl of Farm Girl Farm.When I got a chance to speak with her, Laura -- who has been farming for three years and runs a CSA program as well as selling produce to co-ops and restaurants -- told me she'd just spent the past several days scrambling to get as much produce off the vine as possible before the frost. The cold snap had arrived the night before, however, and she had spent the day looking over the crops that had been damaged. Laura spoke about her experience so compellingly that I called her a few weeks later and asked her to describe what it's like to be on a farm when crops need to be harvested.
Notes from the Wonder GroundI've always been curious about what it takes to be a farmer, particularly to work so hard and invest so much in an endeavor that is often fraught with risk. Laura explained the challenges and triumphs well. Here is what she said: (you may have to copy and paste this into your browser)

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