Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Go Green East Harlem Cookbook by Scott M. Stringer (Editor)

"Drugs and guns are more readily available than fresh fruits and vegetables in some poor urban neighborhoods, and, if you think about it (which, sadly, most of us don’t), lack of access to healthy foods hurts a community just as substance abuse and violence do."

Quote is taken from www.eatingliberally.org

More about the book:

"At first glance, you might not see East Harlem as the place for fresh thinking about healthy urban living-Go Green East Harlem will change your mind." Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer

Good food. Better health. Go Green!

Celebrate great food and healthy eating with the residents of East Harlem. Restaurants, caterers, farmers' markets, members of community groups and a group of darned good cooks, with the help of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, have pooled their resources to come up with scrumptious recipes that can also boast health benefits. From Greenmarket's tangy peach-corn salsa, to Mo-Bay's delicious collard greens, to Rao's famous Lemon Chicken, ending with Debbie Quinones lovely limbel de el Caribe, Go Green East Harlem covers the map when it comes to world cuisine.

The book also features:
* Tips on healthy eating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in Manhattan.
* Information on health benefits of certain foods, ways to make takeout food healthier, how to stock a kitchen and how to steer clear of the double threat of obesity and diabetes.
* Color photos by graduates from the International Center for Photography.
* Bilingual: complete English and Spanish versions.

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