Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coming to the NY International Fringe Festival:

But for the Grace...
performed by Bob Jaffe
written & directed by David Eliet
commissioned by the Rhode Island Community Food Bank

38.5 million Americans live with hunger. Not just the faceless homeless, but people from our daily lives: working men and women, children, elderly. Honest, touching, and humorous portrayals evoke laughter and tears, and, most importantly, a call to action. (1h 20m )

46 Walker Street (B’way & Church), NYC

Fri. Aug 8 7:15pm
Sun. Aug 10 9:15pm
Thu. Aug 14 9:45pm
Fri. Aug 15 5:15pm
Sun. Aug 17 2:30pm

For tickets and information go to: or call 866-468-7619

Eliet has managed to strike a nice balance here, telling believable, engaging stories about those who face hunger on a daily basis.

Bob Jaffe is the cast, deftly slipping in and out of characters as diverse as a 7-year-old boy embarrassed by poverty and a widowed immigrant woman.

There are 10 characters in all, and Jaffe manages to put a different and convincing spin on each of them, skillfully swapping voices and body language from part to part.

This is a show that manages to make some important points, but without hitting you over the head with its message.

- Providence Journal

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