Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wild Oats Market to Host Second Annual
Eat Local Challenge

Wild Oats Market in Williamstown is sponsoring the Eat Local Challenge from July16 through August 14. To encourage participation and make the challenge fun two levels of participation are available this year:

Level One participants are encouraged to eat local foods for one meal out of every three.

Level Two participants are challenged to make two out of every three meals local.

Participants can sign up for all or part of the month. All participants are eligible to win a raffle prize of a basket of local food from Wild Oats.

Throughout the challenge month Wild Oats will be featuring local food specials, local menu ideas, and prepared foods made with local ingredients. On July 14 from 7-8 pm, the store will host an evening on "How to Shop for and Prepare Meals Using Local Foods" with General Manager Michael Faber.

Eat Local Challenge begins
July 16 with a local foods BBQ

"There are so many good reasons for eating local," said GM Michael Faber. "It's healthier, safer, and good for the community and the local economy. And local foods are fresh, which makes them taste better. Wild Oats is lucky to be located in a region of the state that offers a variety of local produce, meat, dairy, eggs, honey, bulk foods, and many other products, making it not only a pleasure to eat local, but relatively easy, especially at this time of year."


El said...

Thanks for the tip!

Eireann said...

I think it's great they've made this an annual tradition. One difficulty I see is in the wording of the challenge, which can be perceived as quite limiting: eating a certain number of local meals. What constitutes a local meal? How many people are intimidated by this challenge because they think it has to be 100% local? And is having a certain number of local meals as helpful as simply integrating local foods into your diet?

My husband and I eat a great deal of local food during the harvest season. I'd estimate up to 90% of our food dollars are spent locally. However, it's a rare meal that doesn't have something nonlocal in it, even if it's just spices or some rice. I'd rather see the challenge focus on making a certain percentage of food dollars spent locally than on making a certain number of meals "local."